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  Yuyao Yifeng Hotel Supplies Co., a paper packing boxes, packing bowls and other products of professional production and processing company, has a complete and scientific quality management system, to "the development of the paper industry, protect the ecological environment and safeguarding the health of the human body"for business purposes, the use of advanced technology and equipment, and according to the needs of different users, customized different specifications Cup, in the body of the paper cup printing customer required a variety of patterns and text products are waterproof, anti-oil, resistancehot, do not leak, pollution-free, odor-free, good strength, good texture, and can be natural degradation, recovery value characteristics. Company production environment clean and tidy, stable and reliable product quality, elegant appearance. Paper cups are widely used in fast food, restaurants, railway stations, piers, insurance, civil aviation, health care, financial services, telecommunications, government agencies and other institutions, products sold throughout the country.

The company has introduced advanced production equipment, production of food paper bag, greaseproof paper bag, Hamburg bags, bread bags, Tujia shaobing bag, the Hamburg paper and products company was founded early in the development of enterprises, social returns "for the purpose of, first-class health environment , in accordance with the national standards to produce a variety of special paper cups, paper bags, paper boxes. The strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

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